March 31: Peaceful Playtime

On a beautiful, sunshiny day like today, I found that my day was being consumed by words beginning with the letter “P”. Projects in classes, productivity on work, pink dresses, and peaches… What better way to establish that spring is coming than to admire that the semester is almost over and that soon I may indulge in the happy-go-lucky fruit known as the peach. Peaches to me radiate happiness to the world around them. Which is why I dedicate today to the fruit, peaches because the  people around campus are finally starting to flourish with happiness due to the sun shining and warm air breeze across the way. 

On another note, Enjoy this tasteful quote that brings out the best in peaches:

The vagabond sun winks down through the trees,
While lilacs, like memories, waft on the breeze,
My friend, I was born for days such as these,
To inhale perfume,
And cut through the gloom,
And feast like a king upon peaches and cheese!
I’ll travel this wide world and go where I please,
Can’t stop my wand’ring, it’s like a disease.
My only regret as I cross the high seas:
What I leave behind,
Though I hope to find,
My own golden city of peaches and cheese!” -Rachel Hartman